Librarian is a shared space combining design, art, dining experience & party house.
The concept of Librarian is “All About Taste”. Like any kind of art or bottle of wine,
it is never easy to tell how good it is.

The flavor of life makes it different.

Have a look, Swirl it, Sniff the aroma then take a sip, Swish inside you and lastly Savour. Share with us what the taste of your life is. Rustic, Chewy, Racy, Volatile, Meaty or Foxy



Karaoke | Full HD Projector with 120" Screen | Dart Board | Vinyl Wood Record Player | Switch | Poker table | Mahjong | Board games | Table Soccer



Please make reservation in advance, We do not accept on site reservation.


We are located in the heart of Kwun Tong. Make yourself comfortable in our sofa, have a drink in our cozy surrounding or enjoy your meal in our big dining area.
We offer the right place and the right ambience to leave your daily routine behind and enjoy life together with your friends and family.

Reserve a table for yourself and your beloved ones and let us take you on a culinary journey. Just give us a call or leave a message in advance.


12D Lee on industrial building
70 hung to road
kwun tong, hk

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Kwun Tong MTR

Tel: +852 9373 6883